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Quick Start

  • Step 1: Register

    Register your accounthere

  • Step 2: Make your PSP Server publicly accessible
    Make sure that your PSP server is publicly accessible with a static IP
  • Step 3: Register Your PSP Server
    Register your PSP Server with UPI Sandbox
  • Step 4: Registerd PSP Server details and Endpoint

    Once you register your PSP Server successfuly with UPI Sandbox

    you will be provided with a set of PSP details

    like UPI sandbox Endpoint(Api access url), Organization Id(orgId),api key, etc.

  • Step 5: Test Accounts

    With each UPI sandbox user profile a set of Test Accounts will be provided.

    Each account contains all the necessary

    info to test all available APIs

  • Step 6: Api Request and Response

    Requests can be made using tools like postman

    With each request an acknowledgement will be provided

    and Responses will be sent to the Requestee PSP server

  • Step 7: Request Logs

    Check your Request logs in the Dashboard